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Cloud Mining

Do you know you can enjoy Bitcoin cloud mining plans at low hashrates?

Sounds good, right? Then check out 1BitUp.

But what's more about the Bitcoin mining cloud? Let's find out.

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Special Offers

If you're looking for the best cloud mining platform to enjoy endless offers, then 1BitUp is your best bet!

So, how do you grab our special offer?

Simply sign up as a new user, Navigate to the billing section and Enjoy automatic price reduction on any crypto cloud mining plan. You can get your volume discount any time during the year, including this festive season.

Why Choose Us?

You may ask, what's unique about 1BitUp? Without a doubt, we are the best.

So, why are we the best fit for you?

1. As a cloud mining farm, continuous expansion has been our guiding principle since our inception in 2017.  Due to the dynamic nature of digital assets, our competent staff works tirelessly to stay up with the latest developments.

2. When it comes to hashing, no one has been more inventive than our organization since 2017.

3. We partner with leading data centers and meticulously select the most dependable technologies and equipment to ensure optimal performance and dependability.

4. We can increase our manufacturing capacity and provide better service to our clients as a result. Furthermore, we only employ equipment that is fully protected by warranty, which enables us to quickly identify and resolve any potential disruptions.

5. Our initial plan all along was to establish a fully functional mining operation by purchasing and operating our equipment. Since this initial assignment taught us so much, we recognized a chance to broaden our scope.

6. We place priority on Legit cloud mining and associated services, such as equipment storage in cutting-edge data centers.

Over 5 years of BTC Cloud Mining services

Low entry barrier - start from 1TH/s

Transparent Fee structure - NO hidden FEEs

High Level Security

24/7 Support

Cloud Mining Plans

In cloud mining contracts, a customer agrees to pay a certain amount to the service provider (here, 1BitUp) in return for access to the computing power generated by the remote crypto mining center.

Customers buy hashrate from Bitcoin mining contractors to gain online access to hashing power.

This makes it easy for both novice and seasoned cryptocurrency miners to purchase Bitcoin mining contracts, as they are transparent and easy to locate.

Currently, 1BITUP offers several affordable cloud mining plans: One month plan, three-month plan, and Six-month plan, and even one year.

Cloud Mining Step by Step

Find reputable btc cloud mining firms first. While 1BitUp and similar cryptocurrency platforms have shown to be trustworthy in the Bitcoin cloud mining industry, there are more factors to consider.

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Make a Contract Selection

Many contracts are available from cloud mining services; these vary according to the coin, the quantity of hash power, and the duration of the contract.

1bitup How to Start Photo
1bitup How to Start Photo

Maintain a record of your advancement

You might be able to monitor your earnings, hash rate, and progress using a web interface or a mobile app.

1bitup How to Start Photo
1bitup How to Start Photo

Access Your Earnings

After amassing a sufficient amount of bitcoin, you have the option to transfer it to your digital wallet.


In order to receive the revenue that you have earned from virtual mining, you will need to select the cloud mining plan and execute the payment.

Obtaining cryptocurrency can be accomplished through mining, which is a process. When you have accumulated a specific quantity of cryptocurrency, you will have the opportunity to withdraw it to your personal cryptocurrency wallet or exchange account upon reaching a particular threshold.

Just click the "Withdraw" button of the 1BitUp dashboard in order to withdraw your rewards from your account. It's never been so easy and fun, sit and watch your mined bitcoin and withdraw it when you consider you have reached the desired amount or set the desired automatic withdrawal amount in the settings menu.

Your mining outputs will be automatically transferred to your wallet on a daily basis whenever they meet the minimal threshold for a transfer which is determined by the mining outputs.

Through this action, you will be able to guarantee that your earnings will flow in a smooth and steady manner. Using the dashboard that is associated with your 1BITUP account, you are able to keep track of the current status of your transfers and monitor your balance within real time.

Unfortunately, once a transaction is validated on the blockchain, it becomes an entry in the decentralized ledger that cannot be altered in any way. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

When you are mining in the cloud, you do not have the power to change or remove data from a block. It is not possible to reverse, modify, or cancel a transaction that has already been confirmed. One of the basic characteristics of blockchain technology is that it guarantees the system's integrity and security throughout its entirety. It is recommended that you thoroughly verify your transactions before confirming them in order to avoid making any purchases that were accidentally made. Don't be reluctant to get in touch with our customer service team for assistance if you have any questions or issues.

There is no doubt that participating in cloud mining through a reliable operator like 1BitUp has the potential to result in beneficial outcomes. On the other hand, it is essential to point out that the profitability of a venture is impacted by a variety of external circumstances, including the conditions of the market, the pricing of cryptocurrencies, and other things. We want to provide our users with a mining experience that is not only dependable but also profitable. This is our primary objective. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the possible profits may differ from one another due to the dynamics of the bitcoin market, which are always shifting.

It is essential to be aware of the potential dangers that are associated with cloud mining, despite the fact that it may bring about the possibility of earning passive money. There have been several platforms that have unfortunately run into financial issues, which has led to losses for the users of those platforms.

Choosing a cloud mining service that is not only legitimate but also well renowned is absolutely necessary in order to reduce the likelihood of these hazards occurring. It is essential to carry out all of the necessary research before making a decision to invest. You should make sure that the platform you are contemplating is legitimate by conducting extensive research, reading reviews written by other users, and taking the time to do so. In order to provide you with a mining environment that you can rely on, we at 1BitUp place a high focus on both transparency and security. In addition to that, in order to provide to all our clients, the best quality services and compliance rules, we require our clients to pass KYC/AML diligences. It will take only a couple of minutes to pass it and thus we can guarantee that all our clients are trusted users.

If you have any inquiries or need to ask additional questions, feel free to reach out to 1BitUp through various communication channels. Our physical address is Trading Way FZCO, located at DSO-FZCO-21102 in Dubai Silicon Oasis. You can contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. You can also go to our website and visit the "Contact Customer Service" section to leave a message. We have a dedicated support team available to assist you promptly.