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This is a rather easy way to get profit. You don’t need to buy expensive hardware on your own, do any accounting, equipment maintenance or pay high electricity bills.
All you need is to choose an appropriate plan and estimate an investment amount.
Can I start mining on my own? Of course, and many others have done this already for may many years.
However, the difficulty of mining algorithms has a constant growth, requiring more hash power from your devices.
In the first couple of years after the appearance of Bitcoin, enthusiasts could mine using their CPU. Then they started GPU mining. Later, miners used GPU mining farms and finally, ASIC appeared. Nowadays you can mine with all types of equipment depending on a the type of currency you intend to mine.
At this point, you need to create an ASIC network in order to remain competitive.

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Maybe I should mine by myself?

The most important issue is the expenses. There are lots of costs you have to pay even when you have bought equipment already. You have to cover power bills, rental of premises, staff costs. Additionally, you take price fluctuation risks.

Equipment is the main bulk of costs here. Apart from ASICs, you need to create a reliable and effective cooling system. If you order equipment from abroad, you need to cover custom fees.

Apart from the equipment, you have to keep in mind the high electricity costs. It fluctuates depending on the region where you plan to create your farm and these farms can use a lot of electricity.

Every mining farm need starting configuration and maintenance. You can save money if you are a professional in this field. Otherwise, you need to hire someone who can do it for you.

Part of the above-mentioned costs including power bills and maintenance expenses will be recurring. As for the equipment, you buy it once. However, some of the farm’s parts may fail and require immediate maintenance or replacement requiring additional expenses.

 Is this the end of the expected costs? Not at all. We have only mentioned the growing mining difficulty. In order to remain competitive, your farm needs ongoing equipment upgrades.

 Ultimately, when dealing with cryptocurrencies, you have to always keep in mind currency fluctuations as bitcoin investment may be risky for you.

 Equipment is designed to work with a specific algorithm. If cryptocurrency's price declines towards a breakeven or even lower level, you have to be prepared for the period of low to zero profits, with the same level of costs.

The future is bright and decentralized

Miners everyday hard work keeps the cryptocurrency network safe and protected.  To do that miners need to permanently to check blocks and maintain the authority decentralized.   In such a manner we can have a organic growth of the network and a fair distribution of crypto-assets to the community

Major crypto blockchain network runs over 10 years

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Thousands bitcoins are mined daily

To keep the network trustworthy, we need to have some costs. Such costs are given to the miners as rewards.

Miners are processing and checking the transactions in the blockchain ecosystem and are keeping the transactions history secure.  For that,  the mining network is rewarded with transactions fees in forms of new created coins. When you start your mining journey with our services, you start getting a small share of such  reward system.

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Proof-of-work - algorithm of creating added value on new cryptocurrency by consuming real energy.

Bitcoin is the most secured computer network in the world and since it started nobody have broken it. The main reason is the computational power used to maintain the network – hashpower.

Due to the exponential increase of the ecosystem, all the mining operations are performed by high-performance equipment, working efficiently in specialized datacenters.

Current bitcoin hashrate – over 170 ehash/s

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Network security need computational power to run securely. Major proof-of-work blockchains are supported by millions of computers around the world.

Crypto is not paper money, it is digital money produced mathematically. Members of the community that offers their computational power to secure the transactions are miners. 

The major principle of the cryptocurrency is that they are totally decentralised and cannot be controlled by some intermediary or central authority.

The real borderless democracy in action where miners participate with own resources to build consensus.

400 000 Bitcoin daily transactions

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Daily Mining Rewards

Your mining outputs shall be added to your wallet daily

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Modern Mining Technology

For any crypto algorithm, we are using the best architecture on the market

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Chose from best mining algorithms that can result to several minable assets.

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Allocate your hashpower to chosen mining algorithm

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All data of mining process is available for you

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We are collecting clients data to minimum and only request information mandatory from legal perspective

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