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1BitUP Referral Program

Unlock the power of passive income with our innovative cloud mining referral program! Join our community of miners and start earning rewards simply by sharing the benefits of our cutting-edge cloud mining service.

How does it work? 3 easy steps

Sign up to 1BitUP

Access 1BitUp cloud mining service and Sign In

Get your unique referral link

Navigate our platform, access Referral menu and download your bitcoin mining referral code or link

Share it with your friends

Share the link with your friends. When they buy any contract with your referral link you shall get up to 6% from the first contract and 2% from subsequent purchase.

How much can I earn?

Our affiliate program consists of 3 levels which means you'll be able to get higher affiliate commission for referring more sales. Also, you shall get 2% from any subsequent sale made by your referral link.

How to become a successful affiliate?

Communicate with your friends about 1BitUP cloud mining

  • Discuss with your friends about 1BitUp Cloud mining opportunities
  • Inform them about trends and possibilities of Cloud Mining
  • Try to give them advice when selecting any hashpower plans

Use Social Media

  • Placement of referral links in your group
  • Placement of referral links on your personal page
  • Commenting on thematic groups, video clips, posts, etc.
  • Record and post your videos in the album
  • Place our official video in your album

Record an video for YouTube

  • Create and upload your personal video review of the 1BitUp service (including referral links in the video description)
  • Feature our official video on your channel

Use your website

  • Post articles about 1BitUp
  • Place our advertising banners in your website
  • Place our text advertising banners on your website
  • Place a calculator on your website page

Communicate on forums, blogs and topical sites

  • Create new topics in the forums
  • Answer in thematic thread forums
  • Specify affiliate links in the signatures of your messages.

Referral Program Terms of Use

Payments within the affiliate program are made on the basis of btc cloud mining referral code in Bitcoins directly to your account. You can earn between 2% and 6% of the contract value for each unique user you bring in. Plus 2% from any subsequent purchase.

Please note that these affiliate rewards may be subject to change overtime. In such cases, any accrued funds will remain in your account.

It's important to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not use your referral link to create duplicate accounts.
  • Avoid claiming official representation of our service.
  • Refrain from accepting payments for mining hashpower on our behalf.
  • Do not make unreal promises to your affiliates

Violations of these rules may lead to exclusion from our affiliate program and cancellation of credited affiliate commissions. You, as the affiliate, are responsible for ensuring the security of your authentication data (login and password) when accessing your account.

Please be aware that these conditions are subject to unilateral changes without prior notification to participants.