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How to boost you hashrate plan rewards?

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    The volume of Bitcoin transactions indirectly influences Bitcoin mining rewards in two main ways:


                 1. Transaction Fees: Bitcoin miners receive rewards not only from the block subsidy (newly minted bitcoins) but also from transaction fees. When users make transactions on the Bitcoin network, they have the option to include a transaction fee, which serves as an incentive for miners to include their transactions in the blocks they mine.

                  When the volume of Bitcoin transactions increases, the total fees collected by miners can rise. Higher transaction fees can compensate for the reduced block rewards resulting from halving events. Miners prioritize transactions with higher fees because they prefer to include transactions that offer greater fees to maximize their earnings.

                 2. Network Congestion: A higher volume of transactions can lead to network congestion, causing an increase in the average fees users are willing to pay to get their transactions confirmed promptly. This increased fee activity can potentially boost the overall revenue for miners as they prioritize transactions with higher fees, increasing their earnings.

                  Therefore, while the volume of Bitcoin transactions doesn't directly impact the mining rewards in terms of the block reward size (which is predetermined by the halving mechanism), it does affect the additional earnings miners receive from transaction fees. Higher transaction volumes and increased fees can augment miners' overall revenue and compensate for the reduction in block rewards over time due to halving.

                  So the organic way to increase cloud mining rewards is to increase the usage of Bitcoin in day to day life.  More people shall use bitcoin, more mining rewards miners shall receive.  


    Eugen Tanase

    Chief Operating Officer, 1BitUp

    Eugen Tanase is Chief Operating Officer at 1BitUp. Along his long Corporate Management career he gained lots of expertise in Renewable Energy Projects, Transnational Trade of Energy Resources, and many other fields. Starting 2015 he stepped into the study Decentralized Applications and Blockchain along with Bitcoin mainstream. From 2017 he embraced WEB3 and Cloud Mining .



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