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Trusted cloud mining sites: Best platforms 2024

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    Cloud mining services offer an innovative solution for those interested in cryptocurrency mining but need more resources or technical expertise. 

    Cloud mining is remotely mining cryptocurrencies using shared processing power leased by a third-party provider. Unlike traditional mining, where individuals invest in and maintain their hardware, cloud mining allows users to rent computing power from established mining farms or companies. These companies operate vast data centers with high-performance hardware dedicated to mining various cryptocurrencies.


    TOP-10 cloud mining companies


    Find below The List of legit cloud mining companies in 2024, briefly describing each service.


    1. 1BitUp - best experience and transparent data
    2. ECOS - custom contracts for up to 60 months
    3. TEC Crypto -Cloud mining platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin
    4. Gminers - Low-fee Bitcoin mining for casual investors
    5. HashShiny -Mine 7 different tokens simultaneously
    6. BeMine -Affordable ASIC rentals and hosting 
    7. TrustMining -Ethereum specialists in Switzerland
    8. GenesisMining - Biggest Ethereum mining farm
    9. BitDeer - Powerful AI managed cloud mining
    10. LetMeCloud - Highly trusted Bitcoin cloud mining


    1. 1BitUp


    Among the myriad cloud mining providers, 1BitUp is a trusted name. It offers reliable solutions for crypto enthusiasts seeking to harness the potential of mining without the need for extensive resources or expertise.

    Our main goal is to provide high-quality services to crypto enthusiasts and newbies in this modern technological area.

    1BitUp is about providing our clients with new bytes of rewards in a straightforward and trusted process.

    Through 1BitUp, users can rent hashing power according to their desired mining capacity. This allows for scalability and customization, ensuring users can adapt their mining strategies based on market conditions and individual preferences.

    Clients can evaluate market expectations to understand the revenue forecast.

    All the mining output figures are accurate, not manipulative or artificially increased, which makes 1BitUp the most trustworthy cloud mining platform on the market.


    2. ECOS


    Offers a comprehensive suite of cryptocurrency investment services, combining an advanced wallet, a robust exchange service, and cloud mining capabilities into a single solution.

    What sets our platform apart is its flexibility in cloud mining contracts. At ECOS, you can customize your mining contract according to your preferences. You can select your desired projected reward amount, the contract duration, and the investment amount that suits your goals.

    Your investment determines the hash power allocated to your mining activities, with longer contract durations typically resulting in larger payouts. Additionally, depending on the specifics of your contract, the profitability of your miner's endeavors can range from a remarkable 300% to over 600%.

    Moreover, our platform offers fixed-rate fees, ensuring transparency and predictability in your investment journey. This means that you won't incur additional costs for machine malfunctions or unexpected expenses, providing peace of mind as you navigate the world of cryptocurrency investing. 

    3. TEC Crypto


    With TEC Crypto, you can choose from a range of mining packages, starting from as low as $10 per day up to $30,000 for 30 days.

    Once you select your desired package, you can start earning immediately, with payouts scheduled every 24 hours. At the end of your chosen period, whether it's 30 days or any other duration, you'll receive your initial investment back along with the daily profits tailored to your package's specifications.

    TEC Crypto leverages AI-optimized systems to enhance profitability and operational efficiency, ensuring a lucrative investment opportunity for every participant. By dynamically adjusting operations based on real-time market data and blockchain conditions, our AI systems maximize earnings potential, surpassing what an individual mining operation could achieve independently.

    This revolutionary approach to cloud mining makes cryptocurrency mining accessible to everyone, regardless of their investment size. Whether starting with just $10 or more substantial, TEC Crypto provides a user-friendly platform to kickstart your mining journey.

    4. Gminers


    Within a concise period, Gminers has garnered over 3,000 active users, establishing itself as a prominent player in the industry. Unlike Gminer crypto mining software, Gminers operates as a cloud mining platform that caters to investors of all levels, including casual enthusiasts.

    With an impressive uptime nearing 24/7, Gminers owns multiple data centers strategically located in cost-effective and crypto-friendly nations such as Kazakhstan, Iceland, and Georgia. This strategic placement ensures optimal efficiency and profitability for our operations.

    Investors can enjoy daily payouts and a range of payment options, including PayPal, bank transfers, or Bitcoin withdrawals to their preferred crypto wallet. Moreover, Gminers offers competitive fees, with hash power starting at just $0.0120 per 1 GH/s. Our thorough calculations estimate a return on investment (ROI) of approximately 150%, and investors have the flexibility to reinvest with a new contract at any time.



    Established in 2017, HashShiny stands out as a premier crypto-mining platform for several compelling reasons. Powered by sustainable hydroelectric and wind energy sources, HashShiny is an environmentally conscious cloud mining service provider. Its state-of-the-art data center is home to over 15,000 ASIC rigs, ensuring continuous operation and maintenance around the clock.

    HashShiny offers more than just Bitcoin mining; it provides a versatile platform for concurrently mining seven different tokens, including popular cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Each token incurs varying mining costs, comprising hash rate and maintenance fees. For instance, Bitcoin mining entails a daily maintenance fee of $0.0004 and a price of $0.40 per 10 GH/s. Leveraging renewable energy sources helps keep these fees at competitive levels.

    However, it's important to note that while the utilization of renewable energy helps keep fees low, the payout calculators at HashShiny do not factor in the maintenance fee. Consequently, users may observe lower payouts than initially anticipated.



    BeMine stands out as a comprehensive cloud mining platform offering many opportunities for investors. This dynamic platform allows users to purchase fractions of an ASIC machine or even acquire an entire machine, catering to diverse investment preferences. With BeMine's Mining Hotel platform, users can host their ASIC miners at any of the platform's four data centers, all conveniently located in Russia. Additionally, BeMine offers a range of ASIC miners for purchase, with prices starting as low as $430 and going up to $16,400.

    When opting for cloud mining, users can select the ASIC mining rig that best aligns with their mining objectives. This flexibility ensures that users can effectively tailor their mining activities to suit their specific goals. 

    Currently, BeMine presents four cloud mining contracts, each varying hash rate and power. Users can easily calculate their potential 24-hour income rate, providing clarity and transparency in their investment decisions.



    TrustMining has established itself as the best Bitcoin cloud mining platform, earning acclaim as one of the premier destinations for rig hosting in the cryptocurrency mining community. While TrustMining supports BTC mining, its specialization lies in Ethereum mining using the ETASH algorithm. With a Switzerland-based data center, TrustMining provides a comprehensive solution for hosting your mining rig, ensuring optimal production and efficiency.

    Users can expect approximately 30% of their rewards to be allocated towards fees, which aligns with industry standards. The remaining 70% will be pure profit. These fees encompass electrical costs, data center accommodation expenses, and a 10% commission fee. 

    Furthermore, TrustMining allows users to mine Ethereum while receiving payouts in Bitcoin. Additionally, the platform supports crypto staking, allowing users to enhance their profitability with returns ranging from 4% to 25% Annual Percentage Yield (APY). 

    8. Genesis mining


    With over 2 million active miners, GenesisMining is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms accessible to everyday investors. Situated in Iceland, its data center harnesses the power of low-cost geothermal energy to fuel GPU machines equipped with proprietary crypto-mining software.

    To mine tokens, enterprise efficiency is prioritized through GenesisMining's utilization of multiple mining pools – typically two and sometimes four. 

    To prevent any pool from gaining excessive control, the platform dynamically switches pools when they reach 50% share. GenesisMining offers mining services for six tokens, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin.

    Paying with cryptocurrencies is recommended at GenesisMining because the platform's USD transactions have a capped hash per day rate. However, it's worth noting that GenesisMining frequently experienced stock shortages during our evaluations, making it challenging to rent mining machines. For Ethereum mining, GenesisMining offers a no-maintenance-fee plan with rental prices ranging from $499 to $4,999.



    BitDeer emerges as a premier managed mining operation, employing GPU and ASIC machines to optimize mining efficiency. With a global presence, BitDeer operates across five strategically located data centers, boasting an impressive mining hash rate of 7.0 GH/s. Notably, three data centers rely on 100% carbon-free power, contributing to sustainability efforts while consuming approximately 1,700 MW. A sophisticated management system streamlines daily mining operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

    While BitDeer offers the best cloud mining contracts, it tends to be pricier than other mining operations. With a minimum investment threshold of around $200 for Bitcoin mining, users may find that basic plans are often less profitable. Moreover, BitDeer plans frequently sell out, posing challenges for potential investors. However, users can register their interest to increase their chances of securing a spot in a cloud mining plan.



    Renowned for its stellar reputation and widespread recognition in mainstream media, LetMeCloud stands as a distinguished Bitcoin mining platform. With three straightforward 1-year contracts, LetMeCloud promises returns averaging around 150%, with the potential for an additional 20-30% bonus with select plans. Payouts are distributed daily, and an intuitive referral program presents the opportunity to earn supplementary commissions.

    Despite being headquartered in the UK, LetMeCloud operates data centers in environmentally conscious locations such as Norway, Iceland, Sweden, and Canada. These centers predominantly harness solar and wind power, emphasizing sustainability while keeping operational costs at bay. Pricing at LetMeCloud remains competitively low, with 1 GH/s priced at $0.0120. For instance, a 12-month Standard contract would amount to approximately $1,800.




    Cloud mining has become exceedingly simple in 2024, requiring nothing more than a swift sign-up process. Even novice investors can partake in cryptocurrency mining without purchasing costly equipment. Following our evaluations of various Bitcoin mining platforms, 1BitUp is the top pick for most investors. Offering users full autonomy over their mining endeavors through a distinctive dashboard, 1BitUp introduces groundbreaking Solutions. This innovative approach, eco-friendlier than Bitcoin'sBitcoin's blockchain, necessitates neither technical expertise nor upfront investment from users.




    How to get started with a cloud mining service?

    Getting started with a cloud mining service is a relatively straightforward process:

    Begin by researching various cloud mining services available in the market. Look for reputable platforms with positive reviews, transparent fee structures, and a track record of reliability.

    Once you've selected a cloud mining service, visit their website and sign up for an account.

    After registering, browse through the different mining plans offered by the platform. Consider contract duration, hashing power, and pricing when selecting a plan.

    Make the payment and enjoy the mining process.


    Is it safe to invest in cloud mining?

    Cloud mining can offer opportunities for passive income and participation in cryptocurrency mining without expensive hardware or technical expertise; it is essential to approach it with caution and awareness of the potential risks involved. Investors can make more informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with cloud mining investments by researching reputable platforms, understanding contract terms, and staying informed about market dynamics.

    1BitUp cloud mining solutions are tailored for clients' safety, offering profitable contracts.


    How long does it take to mine 1 BTC?

    The time it takes to mine 1 Bitcoin (BTC) can vary significantly and depends on several factors, including the mining difficulty, hash rate, and the efficiency of the mining hardware used. As of early 2024, with the increasing complexity of Bitcoin mining algorithms and the diminishing block rewards due to halving events, mining 1 BTC independently with a single mining rig can take several years, if not decades.



    Eugen Tanase

    Chief Operating Officer, 1BitUp

    Eugen Tanase is Chief Operating Officer at 1BitUp. Along his long Corporate Management career he gained lots of expertise in Renewable Energy Projects, Transnational Trade of Energy Resources, and many other fields. Starting 2015 he stepped into the study Decentralized Applications and Blockchain along with Bitcoin mainstream. From 2017 he embraced WEB3 and Cloud Mining .



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